Arrange a Wedding

The Church of England has special responsibility for conducting marriage services for those who live in the community where their local church is situated or who have a special historical connection with a local church.

To check if you qualify to be married at St Andrew’s, please check below.

Today, of course, other kinds of buildings are now licensed for weddings as well.

Nevertheless, many still choose to be married in church because they see that as a special sign of God’s involvement in their relationship and an opportunity to ask for his blessing on their decision to marry and their future together.

For those who have been married before, we will be happy to discuss with you what the options might be. Among these, we offer “The Continental Option”. This is a Celebration of Marriage Service preceded by a civil preliminary.

At Farnham Parish Church, we hold a “Marriage Matters” seminar for all those planning their weddings in a given year where we explore together some of the issues couples face today in our over-stressed and busy lives. This usually takes place in the spring of each year.

We can also send you further information about practical arrangements (like flowers and music) and details about the fees.

Before getting in touch we would suggest that all couples take the time to read this very useful information booklet “Marriage at St Andrews” which may answer a lot of questions.

For ideas and resources for your wedding, why not visit

If you would like to enquire further, please just call us at the Church Office on 01252 715412 or e-mail the Parish Office

Do I Qualify to Marry at St Andrew’s Church?

If you live within the parish boundary of St Andrew’s & St Francis, we can legally marry you in church.  Farnham has several churches so even if you live quite close to St Andrew’s it may not necessarily be your parish church.  To check whether you live within the parish  click here and type in your postcode.

If you do not live within the boundary of St Andrew’s there are a few conditions by which we are still legally able to marry you. These are called Qualifying Connections.

The qualifying connections are:

  • If one of you has lived in the parish at any time for a period of 6 months.
  • If one of you was baptised in the parish
  • If one of you was prepared for confirmation in the parish
  • If either of you regularly worship at St Andrews Church.

or if one of your parents at any time after you were born

  • has lived in the parish for a period of at least 6 months or
  • has regularly attended services at St Andrews church for more than 6 months.

or one of your parents or grandparents was married in the parish.

  • If you do not qualify to marry at St Andrew’s, the parish church where you live or have any of the above qualifying connections will be able to help you. You can find their address at A Church Near You.

If one of you has previously been married, you will need to talk this through with the Rector first.

If you qualify to marry at St Andrew’s and would like to discuss this further with us please email us.

All Photographs used on this page are courtesy of Hannah MacGregor, Funky Photographers
(Emma & Graham’s Wedding)

How Much Will a Wedding at St Andrew’s Cost?

Below is our fee table for 2020:


  • Publication of banns
  • Marriage Service
  • Verger
  • Marriage certificate
  • Heating (October – May)
  • Organist – Saturday


  • Bells
  • Choir
  • Video

If you qualify to marry at St Andrew’s in Farnham, but you don’t currently live in the parish, then you will also have to have your parish church read your banns. This is a legal requirment and in 2020 this fee is £31.

Bell Ringing, Video and Choir are options and you don’t have to have any of these.

Video Royalties are payable if you intend to film any part of your marriage service.

Please speak to the Parish Office if you have any queries about any of the above.