How Much will a Wedding at St Andrew's Cost?

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How Much Will a Wedding at St Andrew’s Cost?


Below is our fee table for 2019:



Publication of banns


Marriage Service




Marriage certificate


Heating (October – May)


Organist - Saturday (all other days £190)














If you qualify to marry at St Andrew’s in Farnham, but you don’t currently live in the parish, then you will also have to have your parish church read your banns. This is a legal requirment and in 2019 this fee is £44.

Bell ringing, video and choir are options and you don’t have to have any of these.  The stipend for our organist is paid by the church on the assumption that he plays for all services at St Andrews that require an organist, and so even if you provide your own organist you would still have to pay this fee. 

Video royalties are payable if you intend to film any part of your marriage service. 

Please speak to the Parish Office if you have any queries about any of the above.


The Church of England sets fees for all of its churches and a copy of the fees are available here

The fees increase each year in January so if you book a wedding a year in advance please be aware that there may be a slight increase.



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