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Dear Church Family friends,

I am writing in Holy Week as together we remember and celebrate the events of the period from Palm Sunday to Easter Day. Last week we were able to distribute Palm Crosses for those who had not received on in their “Lent in a Bag”. There are still more available in the church porch.


As you know, we have been following the main message: “stay at home”. Our church building is open for private prayer: Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm; and our public services are being offered on-line on Zoom and YouTube. Please see below the details of the special exceptional arrangements we have made for Holy Week and Easter for our Stations of the Cross and Easter Trail.

We imagine that we are a few weeks off yet, opening our buildings on a more regular basis. We will keep you informed of our plans as they unfold.

In the building

Please do check out the Prayer Room and the wonderful COVID Creative hanging.

Private Prayer

A gentle reminder that when we come into St George’s Chapel, we need to keep socially-distanced and wear masks, please, even if we are the only person in the building. I am hugely grateful to the members of the hospitality team who continue to “host” each weekday.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Our APCM will be on Sunday 25 April at 10am. We will be looking back in our reports at the calendar year 2020. If, somehow, we can make this an in-person event, we would love to do so. The Electoral Roll is open for revision. Application Forms for those who would like to join this year are available from the office. Existing members of the ER need not reapply this year.

Holy Week and Easter 2021

We are trying to make the most of these days and have planned two special features:

  1. Stations of the Cross – a walking tour around the church, find places to pause and pray, with Reflections by Philip North, Bishop of Burnley.
  2. Easter Trail – in the churchyard, seek out the eggs and the QRs codes to lead you to the Easter Story and a gift at the end of the trail

 Maundy Thursday          7pm           Communion & Reflection (Zoom 599 647 1397)

                                                                 You can prepare bread & wine at home

Good Friday                  2pm           Meditation in Church (Zoom 599 647 1397)

Easter Day

9am             Morning Service with Communion  (Zoom 599 647 1397)

                       KOSTA Online      (YouTube)

12noon        Morning Service   (Recording on YouTube)

6.30pm        No Service

Monday 5 April               8.30am        Morning Prayer     No Service

Tuesday 6 April               11.30am      Holy Communion No Service

Sunday 11 April

9.15am        Pre-service prayers                                     (Zoom 463 669 5984)

10am           Morning Service                                         (Zoom 599 647 1397)

                        KOSTA Online                                             (YouTube)

12noon        Morning Service                                          (Recording on YouTube)

6.30pm        Songs of Praise for Easter

At home: this week has involved getting back into the saddle on the exercise bike (David), hacking back dead foliage in the garden in considerable amounts (Kathryn) and finally and gladly meeting up with friends after many months of remote contact (Josh).

And finally, a selection of short videos for Holy Week and Easter:

  1. Featuring J John on the first of Jesus’ Words from the Cross:

Seven Last Words – One – YouTube

  1. Featuring Bear Grylls, who offers us an Easter Greeting:

A Moment to Reflect with Bear Grylls – HTB at Home – Bing video

  1. Featuring international story-teller Bob Hartman:

All About Easter: A Resurrection Rhyme – Read by Bob Hartman – YouTube

  1. The Bible Society Easter Story for families:

Three Friends and the Miracle Man – Our 2019 Easter story for children – YouTube

Kathryn joins me in assuring you of our continuing thoughts and prayers.

With all good wishes, as ever,

David                                                                                                 Holy Week 2021