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Dear Church Family friends,

What an amazing summer we have had! The weather has been fantastic and, whether we have been at home or away on holiday, we have been able to enjoy so much of God’s wonderful creation. Kathryn and I had a brilliant holiday with all the family in the south of France, staying in a villa, booked three years ago! We were in wine country and saw some amazing fields full of sunflowers and of corn. Mercifully, we were far enough away from the terrible fires not to be anxious.

During the summer holidays we have enjoyed our Family Friday events in church – lots of new people joining us for craft activities and refreshments. Thank you so much to all those who helped to make this happen each week. Our Women’s Breakfast was a great success with our guest speaker, The Revd Jacqueline Drake-Smith, providing much helpful food for thought. Last Sunday, we had a wonderful picnic and swim party at Matthew and Joanna’s home. Thank you so much for your excellent hospitality. And wasn’t the weather great!

In the first part of the summer we said au revoir to our friends Aidan and Pawda. They have travelled to Indonesia to spend some time with Pawda’s family.

Here is some of their early news:

Hello from all of us  from Jakarta, Indonesia!

We thought we would send you an update on how things are going following our move to Asia back in July, both for you personally, and for you to share with any members of the church family who are interested.

We are pleased to report that the move itself went reasonably well, once we finally made it away from the house. Despite weeks of work leading up to the move, we were still packing the final few things away in boxes while the taxi to take us to the airport was waiting outside! However we did manage to make it away in the end, and the journey went fairly smoothly after that, aside from the usual three hours of queueing at Heathrow etc.

We are now settling in well at Pawda‘s parents’ house, and the girls seem to have adapted very well to the move. Eloise has had great fun spending time with Pawda‘s parents, and also with Pawda’s other young relatives who are of similar ages to Eloise, and she has also been attending martial arts and ballet classes!

As far as getting around Jakarta goes, I have adapted well to driving in the city. Driving here is quite an experience – Jakarta is the second largest city in the world, and it seems that most of the 35 million people who live here don’t think it’s necessary to follow traffic rules or road signs!

In short, we are enjoying our time here so far. The food is fantastic, the weather sunny and hot, and we have now located the coffee shops and shopping malls we like in the local area! We are now planning on heading out of the city to do some hiking later on this week.

We do miss all of you at Saint Andrew’s, and I know that Eloise misses spending time with her special friends on Sunday mornings. We keep you all very much in our prayers, we hope you’re all doing well, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Now, the season is changing and the parched earth is becoming green again. There is that slight autumnal chill in the air and all of kinds of challenges to face: worries about the cost of living, about fuel bills and about political fallout here and overseas. The war in Ukraine continues unchecked and the future months look bleak indeed.

Our Sunday programme for September is set out below. Each Sunday at 10am our service is “live-streamed” on YouTube; and a recording of it may be viewed at 10am or later on in the day. It is very encouraging to have new people regularly wishing to join our church family. God is good!


Sunday 4 September             

8am             Holy Communion

10am           Café-Style Service with Communion

11.30am      Morning Service at St Francis

6.30pm        Evening Service with Informal Communion


Sunday 11 September

10am           Morning Service with KOSTA for primary school aged children

6.30pm        Evening Service


Sunday 18 September

8am             Holy Communion

10am           Morning Service with KOSTA for primary school aged children

6.30pm        Evening Service


Sunday 25 September

10am           Harvest Service with KOSTA for primary school aged children

6.30pm        Evening Service


Coming up …

Heritage Open Day Weekends

As part of the town-wide provision, on Saturdays 10 and 17 September, our church will be open from 10am to 1pm with talks, tours and refreshments. Do, please, plan to pop in if you can.


Saturday 17 September

7.30pm Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads with John Lofthouse. Two short plays to make us think. A great chance to invite family and friends. Tickets £10 available from or on the door.

Sunday 25 September

10am Harvest Festival with special guests from Coxbridge Farm and a special collection for relief work in Pakistan.

Saturday 1 October

9am to 12.30pm: Congregational Conversation – all welcome!

Saturdays 1 and 8 October

“Come Dine with me” – 7.30pm: an opportunity to be a host or a guest. Please sign up in church for either or both!


And finally …

I have mentioned in sermons recently a book by a man called John Mark Comer. In The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, he writes about the sabbath. The book’s subtitle is: How to stay emotionally and spiritually alive in the chaos of the modern world. I have found it very helpful.

About the sabbath he says this: the word literally means “to stop”. The sabbath is simply a day to stop: stop working, stop wanting, stop worrying, just stop. But sabbath is more than just a day: it’s a way of being in the world. It’s a spirit of restfulness that comes from abiding, from living in the Father’s loving presence all week long.

As the new term begins, maybe this is something we could consider and ponder and begin to live out?

Kathryn joins me in wishing you well and assuring you of our prayers.

With all good wishes,

As ever,

David                                                                                                     1 September 2022


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