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Dear Church Family friends,

So long! Farewell! We were able on Sunday to say thank you and goodbye to John and his family after three wonderful years here in Farnham. We are so grateful to God for all he has given us in John and we wish him well for his new role. We were able to offer gifts to John and to Claire and Nicole and Gemma. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

Diana Martin, secretary of FoSTA, in offering some words of thanks to John had this to say:

Planning to finish well begins as soon as we start and permeates all we do. We want to leave behind ministry teams who can continue the work and individuals who are better equipped to serve the church. Programmes may come and go, but people doing ministry is a fantastic legacy to leave. This is a quote from John Percival’s advice on being a ‘Great Curate’.

What a wonderful tribute! And what an amazing lunch – The Spitting Pig Team did a great job in bringing us a fantastic hog roast with all the trimmings. How lovely to be able to be together again to do something almost normal! Thank you so much to all those who made this happen.

The Marrow family have now moved to: The Vicarage, 7 Church Road, West Ewell, Epsom KT19 9QY. They would be really pleased to receive visitors in due course!

John’s Licensing Service will be Thursday 15 July at 7.30pm at All Saints, West Ewell. Due to COVID restrictions, the service will be on Zoom. But … we will open the church here that evening and will be able to watch it together on the big screen! Please do plan to come if you can!

As we now move into a period of transition, I will be keeping us up to date with the next step changes announced by Boris as they apply to churches. At first glance the move from government restrictions to personal responsibility sounds great. But what about those who want to cast caution to the wind working with and living alongside those who desire to be more circumspect? This is a real challenge for venue hosts, for shopkeepers and for church leaders. Please do pray as we wait for the latest recommendations from the C of E and Diocese.

As you will see from this tweet I saw today, the situation we face is potentially complicated:

“Church folk who love to sing: I know you’re pleased and excited. Can you please just bear in mind that people who live with chronic illness are now feeling it’s unsafe to come to church with no masks and cautions overturned. Freedom and responsibility – we belong to each other.”

We are making two changes right away, as we read the signs of the times.

One of the changes we will make is to my weekly letter. This is now edition Number 61! I will be writing for the month of July and then for the summer holidays and from September just once a month.

The other change is that numbers of people watching the 10am service on Zoom live at 10am are very small. We will, therefore, stop offering this live on Zoom; but will still record the service and post it on Youtube as soon as we can later in the morning.

We are actively exploring how we can best live-stream straight onto a media channel once we have a robust and reliable internet connection to do so. Please bear with us as we seek to get this right first time.

Here then is the programme for July.

Saturday 10 July at 7.30pm

Emmanuel College, Cambridge: The Chapel Choir from Emmanuel is ending its national tour here at St Andrew’s. The programme includes sacred, secular and close harmony pieces. Suggested donation £15.

Please note: very sadly this concert has been cancelled due to COVID-tracing in the choir.

Sunday 11 July

9.30am       Prayers in the Blue Room, in the Pavilions

10am           Morning Service

12noon       Morning Service available on YouTube

6.30pm      Evening Service           (also on Zoom 599 647 1397)


This Week

Monday 12 July          8.30am      Morning Prayer in church

Tuesday 13 July          11.30am    Holy Communion in church

Wednesday 14 July    10am          Breathe

Thursday 15 July        7.30pm      John’s Licensing – live on Zoom in church


In other news

Help required, please, as we begin to emerge from lockdown on many of our rotas. New names will be added in September:


  • serving Refreshments after 10am services
  • reading the Bible in church
  • leading the Prayers in church


Please contact Emma in the office in the first instance on 01252 715412 or if you would be interested in helping or knowing more about the roles. Thank you so much to those who have already been in touch.

Confirmation Service

There is to be a Deanery Confirmation Service on Sunday 19 September at 6.30pm in Badshot Lea and Hale Church. If you, or anyone you are aware of, is interested in thinking about Confirmation, please do contact me in the first instance asap.

Sunday 18 July

8am           Holy Communion

9.30am      Prayers in the Blue Room, in the Pavilions

10am           Morning Service

12noon     Morning Service available on YouTube

6.30pm      Evening Service           (also on Zoom 599 647 1397)


Sunday 25 July

9.30am      Prayers in the Blue Room, in the Pavilions

10am           Morning Service

12noon     Morning Service available on YouTube

6.30pm      Evening Service           (also on Zoom 599 647 1397)


At home: we have all been very excited to follow the football and the tennis this week. What an inspiration Emma Raducanu was and how sad her early withdrawal. My only problem about this evening’s match is that I am not sure which team to cheer more loudly for (given my Scandinavian roots!).

Kathryn joins me in assuring you of our continuing thoughts and prayers.

With all good wishes, as ever,  

David                                                                                                          7 July 2021