Arrange a Funeral

When someone dies, there is so much to do. Emotions are raw and yet practical things need to be sorted out. Arranging a funeral service is part of this process.

Please note: sometimes when someone is very ill and facing death, we may imagine that the local ministers are too busy to call. They are not. Please do phone the Church Office on 01252 715412, if you feel that a visit in these circumstances would be helpful.

Funeral Directors are usually the first port of call and with their wealth of experience, they will organise all of this on your behalf, including meetings with church ministers.

Funeral Directors in Farnham (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Farnham Funerals – 01252 711444
  • H C Patricks – 01252 714884
  • Thorne Leggett – 01252 715520

There are many options to take and we would advise that you do not rush these decisions. Funerals can take place up to a month after the death and it is important to get it right for you and your family.

You may plan to have a service in the Crematorium. Aldershot and Guildford are our two most popular and local ones.

You may wish to opt for burial in the cemetery in West Street, Farnham or Green Lane, Wrecclesham.

You may wish to arrange a service in Farnham Parish Church either before or after a cremation/burial.

There needs to be a conversation between your family, the Funeral Directors and the minister taking the service to make sure that everyone is content with all the arrangements.

The minister will arrange a visit to talk through the details of the service you would like.

After the funeral

When all the business of organising the funeral is over then is the time when you may need support in your grief.

We have a Pastoral Team at St Andrew’s who are always willing to listen and pray with you.  Some of our Pastoral Team are part of Friends Together who provide bereavement support.

Each year at St Andrew’s in early November, we have a service of remembrance for those who are  bereaved.  We personally invite people who have been bereaved in the past three years to attend.

Burial of Ashes

St Andrew’s has a Garden of Remembrance where ashes can be interred.  This can happen soon or many years after the cremation.  The garden is walled and at the south side of the church.  Ashes are buried loose in the garden in unmarked plots.  If a relative is buried in the garden we also arrange to have their name and date of death in calligraphy in the large Book of Remembrance which is situated in the St George’s Chapel at the front of the church to the left side of the Altar.  

The plots in the garden are unmarked .

Contact your Funeral Director to arrange this or contact us directly if you already have the ashes.