Family History

Finding Your Ancestors

We do not hold old church registers.  Following instruction from Guildford Diocese we have deposited all completed registers with The Surrey History Centre for safekeeping. 

It may be useful for you to know that following closure of St James’ Church in East Street any existing registers were transferred to St Andrews and will now also be lodged at The Surrey History Centre.

The centre is based in Woking and you can telephone or email  them or visit their website to research your family or you can visit the centre in person.

The graveyard at St Andrew’s was closed many years ago but we do have a list of graves which was made many years ago.  At the time it was made, many of the graves were illegible.

If you would like to check if we have records of your ancestor’s grave then the links below relate to the graveyard in alphabetical order of surname.  The plan will show you where in the churchyard the grave is situated.

If your ancestor is not there, it may not necessarily mean they were not buried in our graveyard, as many of the graves would have become illegible, and only the wealthy would have been able to afford a gravestone.

Graveyard Plan

Surname A-B

Surname B

Surname B-C

Surname C-D

Surname F-G

Surname G-H

Surname H-K

Surname L-M

Surname N-P

Surname P-R

Surname S

Surname S-V

Surname V-W

Surname W