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What Happens in the Church

To get a flavour of what happens at St Andrew's Church the Annual Report  here  is compiled by various church members and covers most areas of what has happened in the church recently.

St Andrew's had a new Rector  - David Uffindell - in 2016 and David has plans for the future development of the church. Link


The Governing Body and Practical Running of the Church

The Parochial Church Council and Electoral Roll.

The church is run by the Rector and Churchwardens who lead the PCC - Parochial Church Council, who are elected members from members of the congregation.  To be able to vote you have to be on the Electoral Roll.  Each year this is updated at the Annual Parochial Meeting.  If you would like to be on the Electoral Roll you have to live in the parish boundary or be a regular attender of church, and you can apply at any time and the current PCC review your application at the following PCC Meeting.

The PCC meet regularly and decide on many issues concerning the church including finances and buildings.  The Rector chairs these meeting.  Each year there is an Annual Parochial Meeting which congregation members attend and churchwardens and members of the PCC are elected when there are vacancies.

The Church of England has more information about these and the links are below:

Here is information about the PCCs, and their role.

Here is further information about the Electoral Roll.

The Latest PCC Minutes:

September 2017

August 2017

March 2017




What we are about
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