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Junior Voices Choir – Saturday mornings

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Come and have a go, while parents can drink coffee and natter, with any toddlers in tow.


Liz Lee and Helena Adams have started a wonderful choir for young children on a Saturday morning in church. It doesn’t cost the parents anything and already it is proving a popular Saturday morning activity. The parents can sit in a side room, any toddlers in tow, and chat together while enjoying refreshments.


It is hoped that the choir will sing at the monthly St Francis All Age service occasionally. And maybe through this, we hope that families unfamiliar with church services will be able to find them less strange at first and may be encouraged to get more involved with church and see it as a natural and positive part of their lives.


To read about the many general benefits of singing for children, see (For information - Junior Voices Choir have no plans to enter this or any other competition)



Diocesan Child and Adult Safeguarding policies apply for all volunteers and all children’s church activities. All enquiries to Parsih Office. Email; Tel 01252 715412.