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"4th Friday Fun" Family Church Parties
3.15-5.15pm, St Andrew's. All welcome.
Come along Friday 27th January.

For two years now, our St Andrew’s Children’s Church organisers have been holding occasional family parties. After a successful first party, organised to find out what extra thing young families would like from the church, parents said that they would love more such parties. Since then, 9 parties have been held, at irregular times through each year.

Now, because of their popularity, we are happy to announce that these parties will be held every month on the 4th Friday, except August and December.

The parties are always well supported, by young families and by many members of our congregation who offer food, willing helping hands, craft skills or musical talent.

It was started and is headed up by Mary Haines. “I am so appreciative of all the support I get, because all I have to do is liaise and delegate!”

The last three parties had over 25 children. We advertise them now at our two church schools, St Andrew’s and Potter’s Gate Schools. Mary writes: “We don’t want to get so big that we the helpers don’t have the time to get to know the families individually. But it is a great venue; it is so lovely to see the young children relax and enjoy the church. They like nothing better than to run around inside, play hide and seek and when it is dark, hide in all the dark nooks of the church.”

At the end of each party there is a 10 - 15 minute worship and teaching session so that both the children and the adults go home with a thought for the day and hopefully get to think a bit more about why exploring and deepening faith in Jesus Christ is so important and can make a fundamental difference to all aspects of their lives, today as much as it always has, constantly surprising people for 2,000 years about the transformational power of the Christian message.

Mary says: “We would really like to be able to put on a party every two months but obviously that is a big ask, so if you feel that you would like to become involved occasionally please do speak to me at church. You don’t have to be a regular congregation member. There are lots of ways that our congregation or others who we know from the Farnham area can help and it is so good to see the different ages working together and getting to know one another. That to me is what church is about.”*

Also find out about Junior Voices Choir, the new children's choral singing group at St Andrew's on Saturday mornings.

For prayer: We are thankful for all the time people are willing to give to these activities and if you can’t get involved as a volunteer, please pray for us that the people of our landmark town centre church of St Andrew’s may have the energy and resources to continue with the parties. You may also pray for all those who come along that they may feel loved and supported by St Andrew's and that we are able to meet them in some way at their point of need, which may include exploring further with us or elsewhere the value of all our lives as a Christian journey.

*Diocesan Child and Adult Safeguarding policies apply for all volunteers and all children’s church activities. All enquiries to Parish Office. Email office@standrews.org; Tel 01252 715412.

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